About the Donut Shop

The Donut Shop is a design and build studio in the heart of the motor city specializing in custom, one-off pieces of furniture and interior/exterior design features. The shop, itself, is situated in an old bank built in 1927.  Everything made by the Donut Shop is handmade in-house by the three co-owners and makers: David Eppig, Ian Klipa, and Jake Saphier.

The Donut Shop specializes in both metal fabrication and woodworking. Ian and Jake do the metal working. Both have worked in a variety of shops and bring their own sensibilities to the design and build process.  David’s expertise is in woodworking. He heads the majority of wood projects and has worked in a custom furniture studio as well run an independent wood shop. Having both wood and metal shops under one roof allows for more seamless interfacing between the mediums. While the members of the Donut Shop have there individual strengths, all are well versed in a variety of processes and materials. This enables the Donut Shop to integrate both materials into projects without the long turnaround times caused by outsourcing to other fabricators.

Collectively, the Ian, Jake and Dave have experience working on an expansive range of projects such as custom furniture, architectural features, sculptural pieces, interior design, home goods, and small production runs. As both designers and makers, working with the Donut Shop ensures that each project will be catered to your specific needs. The Donut Shop aims to make the custom design and build process fun and to demystify the process. So, whether you have detailed specificsations, or a vague idea of what you want, the Donut Shop as the ability to guide you from initial sketches to finished piece.  So use your imagination, and lets build something together!