About us

Learn about the three owners and craftsmen who run the detroit based donut shop. The creators work primarily with with wood and steel but have backgrounds working with many materials. Everything they make is custom designed for each client and every piece is then handmade and manufactured in their own workshop. 

Our names are Jake Saphier and Ian Klipa. We are the founders, designers, and craftsmen behind Donut Shop. Everything that comes out of our shop has been fabricated by the two of us. We make things by hand because we believe that people should know where their possessions come from. Objects should be artifacts of their time and place, made with real materials by the hands of real people. We strive to make enriching objects that instill joy and promote a sense of connection to and pride over your belongings. We are inspired by other designers and makers in our community and the creative community at large; building on the tradition of craftsmanship, design, and manufacturing in Detroit. 


We have experience working on an expansive range of projects such as custom furniture, architectural features, sculptural pieces, interior design, home goods, and small production runs. As both designers and makers, we ensure that each project is planned and executed to your specific needs. We aim to make the custom design process enjoyable and to demystify the process. So, whether you have detailed specifications, or a vague idea of what you want, the Donut Shop has the ability to guide you from initial sketches to a finished piece. 

While versed in a variety of materials and processes, we focus primarily on metal fabrication and woodworking. Uniquely, both shops are housed under one roof which allows for a more seamless interfacing between the mediums. Additionally, this enables the Donut Shop to efficiently integrate both materials into projects without the long turnaround times caused by outsourcing to other fabricators.  For the few processes we can't complete in house, we work with the rich network of industries and manufacturers located in the Detroit Metro area. 

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Our Services Include

  • Wood and metal fabrication
  • Custom design work and consulting
  • CAD Rendering
  • Concept visualization
  • Onsite installations